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As VW as it gets.

…If Volkswagen is your type of course. At Herbert Performance, we have VW in our blood. VW performance engines, street racing and off road suspension, fully custom projects, or simply as close to original stock as you can get, the choice is yours. We speak Volkswagen.

The Right Products for the Right Application.
Our knowledge and experience gives you an advantage. HPC will help you where needed, selling you appropriate, compatible products to meet your particular performance requirements.

We speak Volkswagen

Performance Engines

Just About All Engines

Volkswagen not your type? …That’s why we provide expert advice, service, and repair for almost any engine. Skills developed over years of R&D, trial and error, education, and experience allows us to apply the latest race engine technology to every engine we build. We offer engine teardown evaluation, engine crating and delivery, and every service in-between, including the manufacture special order items shipped world wide. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your engine.

Performance Engines

Original Products

HPC Original Products

We design and manufacture original products to fit any need. Many of our products are made to order.

Custom street car? Custom off-road racer? Custom look? Custom Ride Height? Or just the perfect product for your ride that seems to be missing from the market? If we don’t already make it, there’s a good chance we can manufacture exactly what you need.

See our products page.

Original Products